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Lohnes+Wright was established in 2006 by Tim Lohnes and Bart Wright, two veteran cartographers who believed that maps could not only help users plan their routes, but help visualize and interpret information.

Our nearly 30 years of experience has given us unparalleled insight into how our maps are used by end-users, ensuring we deliver not just a map, but an instantly useful—and natural—human interface.

Maps are the original thousand-foot view, where decisions can be viewed in context and relationships with the landscape and urban areas can be seen in precise detail. By integrating complex sets of data, mapping solutions have the ability to display vast amounts of information—and we work closely with our clients to ensure that each project is tailored specifically to the audience and purpose, displays just the right information, and is scalable over a wide variety of online and print media.

Today, our team of experienced cartographers, graphic design professionals, and map developers offers a full range of services to create maps that are not only accurate, but display data in an intuitive and beautiful way.

Read about how we've helped clients in a number of different sectors and see some sample maps for projects in transportation, publishing, planning / environmental, land management and other sectors.

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