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Condor Valley

Condor Valley is a 70,000 acre working ranch in northwest Argentina near the Bolivian border. The ranch is made up of two large historic ranches—La Bodega and El Tipal. In 2005, U.S. investors purchased both working ranches with the goal of creating a tourist destination from this authentic piece of Argentine gaucho culture. Today the land has over 500 head of cattle, is managed by a team of gauchos, and hosts a small farm, a small elementary school, a whitewater rafting outfit, and South America's highest zipline. In the early stages of the Condor Valley mapping project, L+W was sent to the ranch to collect extensive GPS data. This data was then turned into a series of maps that were used by the ranch for general planning, as well as providing visitors a lay of the land. In 2010, Condor Valley and L+W contracted GeoEye to provide high-resolution satellite imagery of the area in order to enhance further planning and development efforts. Detailed topographic (3 meter contours) and 50-centimeter satellite imagery was captured for a large portion of the property.

Map of Condor Valley, Salta, Argentina
Condor Valley - map detail
Cerro Creston, Condor Valley, Salta, Argentina
Condor Valley - map detail
The Loft, Condor Valley, Salta, Argentina
Condor Valley - imagery aquisition
Condor Valley - map detail
Condor Valley - map detail
loading-indicatorland management - condor valley - picture viewer
Map of Condor Valley, Salta, Argentina