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Project:Avalon Travel

For this publisher of several popular travel series, including Moon Outdoors, Moon Metro, and the bestselling Rick Steves' European travel guides, L+W works with Avalon Travel to maintain the all-important maps within the guidebooks that scores of travelers and hikers rely on every year to get where they're going (and back again). For L+W, this means not only creating new maps, but updating existing maps for new editions and modifying them for new formats and series. The firm has also picked up several projects for this publisher mid-stream, while delivering across multiple product types, managing budgets, and meeting the aggressive deadlines travel publishing often demands.

Rick Steves - Paris
Rick Steves - Paris
Rick Steves - London
Moon Guides - New Mexico
Moon Guides - Michigan
Let's Go - Turkey
Let's Go - Amsterdam
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Rick Steves - Paris