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Wilderness Press

Project:Car Free Los Angeles

L+W teamed with transit planner and author Nathan Landau to produce a new and unique title for Wilderness Press—Car-Free Los Angeles. This one-of-a-kind travel guide provides everything visitors need to know to visit and sightsee the Southland without driving a single mile by car. L+W worked extensively with the author to create over 30 public-transit related maps and graphics to aid in routefinding and navigating the city. L+W also worked with the publisher to design the maps so that they integrate seamlessly with the rest of the book.

Car Free Los Angeles
Car Free LA - LAX Transit - schematic
Car Free LA - Hollywood - detail
Car Free LA - Main Transit - schematic
Car Free LA - Disneyland Access - schematic
Car Free LA - Wilhire Blvd Map -detail
Car Free LA - Downtown LA -detail
Car Free LA - Santa Monica -detail
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Car Free Los Angeles