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Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART)

Project:System Map


The Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) system is an extensive metrorail network with over a hundred miles of track that has served the San Francisco Bay Area since 1972. In 2007 the agency approached L+W to reimagine its system map in order to bring it more in line with the agency's current branding and tout the system's environmental benefits, while maintaining enough of the existing design elements to make it familiar to long-time riders. After extensive consultation with BART departments, officials, and board members, L+W came up with several versions that were then given a real-world trial. Riders at the downtown Montgomery station participated in a multi-week focus group and independent market research analysis was done to fine-tune the final design, which was approved by the BART board in 2009. This system map was designed by L+W to work in a variety of formats, including large-print maps in stations and trains, and small web-based maps for viewing on the website and a variety of mobile platforms. This map is a successful example of working with a diverse set of stakeholders to develop a clear wayfinding system that has become a reference point for over 357,000 daily riders.

BART System Map
BART System Map - detail
BART System Map - detail
BART System Map - detail
BART System Map - detail
System Map for BART website
System Map for BART mobile application developers
System Map for BART Transit Connections brochure
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BART System Map