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Lohnes+Wright is an integrated team of expert cartographers and designers unmatched in translating our clients' goals for their mapping project into an engaging, universally accessible design. We specialize in providing custom maps for government agencies and companies in transportation, land management, publishing, engineering, and urban planning, but our full client list includes small to large companies across a wide range of industries. We are fluent in all major design and mapping tools, including Adobe Creative Suite and ESRI ArcGIS, and our collaborative approach to every project maintains a tight integration between the data and the final design.

Our unique approach focuses on creating customized, user-friendly products of exceptional design that can be used across a variety of media, from bus stations to smartphone screens.

Our goal in serving clients is to provide a seamless, professional experience from the first conversation until we hand over the complete final data files. Our nearly 30 years of experience has made us the first choice for many city and state agencies because we have a deep understanding of how are maps are used in the wild—how their design is intertwined with the local environment, from the existing wayfinding and signage to the placement and visibility of the maps themselves.

Read about how we've helped clients in a number of different sectors and see some sample maps for projects in transportation, publishing, planning / environmental, land management and other sectors.

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